Are Troy-Bilt and Craftsman the same?

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In the realm of lawn care, the names Troy-Bilt and Craftsman frequently surface, sparking debates on which brand offers superior quality, performance, and value. This detailed comparison seeks to shed light on the distinctions and similarities between these two stalwarts of the gardening world.

Engine Performance: A Key Differentiator

Troy-Bilt’s Engineering Mastery

Troy-Bilt’s commitment to innovation is evident in its selection of engines. By incorporating engines from reputable manufacturers like Honda, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, and its own line, Troy-Bilt ensures each mower boasts efficiency and durability. Its lawnmowers, particularly noted for their OHV (Overhead Valve) V-twin engines and hydrostatic transmission technologies, promise a dynamic and efficient mowing experience.

Craftsman’s Powerhouse Selection

Craftsman, on the other hand, offers a broad spectrum of engines, including Kawasaki, Kohler, and Briggs & Stratton, with a focus on V-twin cylinder engines complemented by a dual hydrostatic transmission system. This setup is particularly advantageous for covering larger areas, providing seamless power transmission across various speeds.

Maneuverability and Cutting Quality

Both brands excel in maneuverability, thanks to dual-steering levers and adjustable cutting heights. Craftsman edges out with its zero-turn mowers’ larger turning radius, while Troy-Bilt’s TriAction cutting technology and walk-behind mowers with mulch kits highlight their commitment to a clean, nutrient-retaining cut.

BrandTurning RadiusCutting Technology
CraftsmanLargerSteel Deck


Troy-Bilt and Craftsman mowers are synonymous with durability. Their solid construction and rigorous testing, including shaker table and rough hit endurance tests, affirm their commitment to long-term reliability.


Troy-Bilt’s Versatile Range

Troy-Bilt impresses with a wide array of lawn care equipment, from mowers to snow blowers and beyond, catering to both private and commercial needs.

Craftsman’s Broad Spectrum

Craftsman extends its offerings beyond lawn care to include hand tools and garage necessities, making it a one-stop-shop for all gardening and tool needs.

Warranty and Customer Service

Both brands provide solid warranties and customer service, with Craftsman notably excelling in parts availability and responsive support.

Deck Size and Fuel Efficiency: Practical Considerations


The deck size varies between the two brands, affecting the mowing efficiency and suitability for different lawn sizes. Additionally, fuel efficiency is a critical factor, with Troy-Bilt mowers generally offering better fuel economy.

Deck Size Range16-54 inches21-54 inches
Fuel EfficiencyHigherLower
Fuel Tank Capacity1.3-3.5 gallons1.3-3 gallons


Deciding between Troy-Bilt and Craftsman boils down to individual preferences and specific needs. While Troy-Bilt offers innovative engine designs and cutting technologies, Craftsman provides a wider product range and excels in customer service and support. Ultimately, both brands stand as reliable and durable choices in the lawn care market.

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