What is the best time to plant Zoysia grass?

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Zoysia grass, with its deep green hue and tolerance for various climates, has become a favorite for homeowners seeking a resilient and attractive lawn. This guide dives deep into the best practices for planting and maintaining Zoysia grass, ensuring your lawn thrives.

Understanding Zoysia Grass


Types of Zoysia Grass

Before planting, it’s crucial to understand the varieties of Zoysia grass to select the best type for your climate and soil condition.

Zoysia Matrella: Thrives in tropical climates and offers medium-width leaf blades.

Zoysia Macrantha: Known for its salt tolerance, ideal for coastal areas.

Zoysia Japonica: The most popular variety, suited for warmer regions outside tropical climates.

Zoysia Hybrid: A crossbreed offering slow growth and narrow blades, perfect for subtropics.

Zoysia Tenuifolia: Best for no-mow areas, providing a natural, clumping look.

The Best Time to Plant

Timing is everything when it comes to planting Zoysia grass. The optimal period is late spring to early summer, ensuring the soil is warm enough to encourage germination and root establishment.

Preparing for Planting

Site Selection and Preparation

Location: Choose an area with full sun exposure, receiving at least six hours of direct sunlight daily.

Soil Preparation: Remove any debris, and use a tiller to loosen the soil, enhancing air circulation.

Soil Enrichment

Improve your soil’s quality by adding compost or organic fertilizer, aiming for a pH of around 6.5 and balanced nutrients.

Planting Steps

Spreading the Seed

Use a handheld spreader to apply Zoysia seed evenly, following the manufacturer’s recommended rates.

Covering the Seed

Cover the seeds with a thin layer of sand or soil to protect and promote germination. Tools like spreaders and rakes can aid in this process.

Post-Planting Care

Watering and Root Formation

Water your new Zoysia lawn thoroughly to establish soil-seed contact, crucial for germination. Maintain a twice-daily watering schedule until the lawn is established.

Mowing and Maintenance

Mow your Zoysia grass to a height of two inches weekly during the growing season, and ensure regular watering for a lush, green appearance.

Lawn Care Tips

Dethatching and Fertilization

Annually remove excess thatch to prevent water and nutrient blockages. Fertilize with a 1-2-1 ratio fertilizer throughout the growing season for optimal health.

Pest and Disease Management

Keep an eye out for pests like chinch bugs and diseases such as Large Patch. Use natural pesticides and maintain proper watering practices to protect your lawn.

Choosing the Right Tools

Zyosia Grass
Tool TypePurpose
Handheld SpreaderEven seed distribution
Garden RakeSoil preparation and leveling
Dethatching RakeRemoving thatch buildup


Planting Zoysia grass at the right time and following these comprehensive care guidelines will result in a durable, beautiful lawn that withstands various conditions. Whether you choose Zoysia Matrella for its tropical resilience or Zoysia Japonica for its adaptability, proper preparation, and maintenance are key to a thriving lawn.

Remember, the success of your Zoysia lawn starts with choosing the right variety for your region and continues with diligent care through watering, mowing, and fertilization. With patience and attention to detail, you’ll enjoy a lush, green landscape for years to come.

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